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Technical Fault Causes Live Streaming Snag on Opening Day

Posted on - 27 Jul 2012


Technical Fault Causes Live Streaming Snag on Opening Day
At the outset we wish to apologise for the snag in live streaming on the opening day of the Pune Season.
The load on the back up server was unable to cope, resulting in an unforeseen glitch.
This is the first time, a cloud cdn distribution system was being used, to handle the additional bandwith demand and an unexpected technical problem occurred. We also had to use a new publishing address when creating new streams, otherwise old fragments were getting cached and added to the new streams.
The old distribution has now been deleted (and its cache) and the streaming server has been re created and dns records re adjusted.
We are hopeful live streaming will be normal from today.
You may appreciate, the RWITC was the first to innovate and start live streaming on its web site and the huge increase in hits had caused the problem and the necessity to change the server.

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