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RWITC Imports Sprawling AC Hangar - By Mahendra Mallya

Posted on - 18 Oct 2011

RWITC Imports Sprawling AC Hangar

By Mahendra Mallya
Mumbai weather is known to be notorious for its’ sweltering afternoon heat. The winter in the city of dreams, has dwindled to just a couple of months of moderate chill. Sweaters and pullovers, if at all, have been restricted to the ramp, lest the apparels get discarded to extinction.
In such a scenario the only place to find gentlemen in suits and jackets is one favourite territory in Mumbai – the Mahalaxmi racecourse. Even here, the managing committee of the RWITC recently relaxed the dress code of the jacket & tie for gentlemen. The dress code now, is restricted only to those patronising the paddock, such as the owners of horses taking part, professionals and officials. Such is the impact of the shining Sun in Mumbai!
Dr Vijay Mallya, famous for his flamboyant approach in doing things with grand finesse’ and panache, played a generous host in welcoming his guests to a huge air-conditioned hanger on the members’ pavilion for one of his McDowell Signature Indian Derby events a couple of years back. This facility was an instant hit and was widely appreciated. He ensured that it was not a ‘one-off’ and the following years too this facility was provided to all invitees. A couple of other major sponsors soon followed suit.
The RWITC has always been known to be accommodative and supportive to its’ long list of sponsors. The Club came up with an idea of providing the above facility to any willing sponsor. The Club decided to have an in-house AC hangar, readily available to any sponsor, patron or even those parties hosting any function/s at the racecourse, at an extra cost. This gesture would certainly spare the sponsor/host the trouble of sourcing and also the rigmarole of overseeing the implementation process.  
Mr Vivek Jain, Chairman of the RWITC, said, “The new international standard AC hangar is a great addition in our effort to promote our big race days and destination as a premium venue for events. We hope it will give an edge to sponsored days and drive new corporate to our premises.”
The Club put that plan to action and has now imported a sprawling 16,000 square feet air-conditioned collapsible hanger from Los Burger, a reputed German manufacturer. The gigantic hut-shaped rectangular AC hanger measures 50 mts x 30 mts with a maximum height of 9.5 mts at the centre. The hanger, which can be erected and dismantled within two days, will be placed in the Members’ pavilion, at the rear of the Grand Stands on request, on hire basis. For race sponsors in particular, this can be a great enclosure to invite their corporate guests. An exclusive plush lounge having large LED television monitors, tote betting terminals, various display boards and a swank beverage and snack counter can all be organised and surely attracts as an impressive proposition to elevate their race day. Mobile tote operators may also be deployed to actively move about and facilitate patrons to place their bets from the comfort of their seats. To sum it up, if one wants to feel fussed-over and spoilt when engaging in their favourite sport, the ideal destination is this new ‘lounge’!
The AC Hangar was inaugurated on Friday, 14 October 2011 at around 7:30 pm, amidst the pomp of the Oktoberfest, which is now a regular feature at the Mahalaxmi racecourse. The Oktoberfest has always generated thrill and rejoicing. Like in Munich, the barrel-tapping ritual set off the fest evening. With Erdinger (Weissbier) beer flowing freely through the evening, the revellers were never left to feel thirsty. The world famous beer was served chilled and fresh from the barrels specially imported from Germany for the event. Die Oberbayem, a live band performed to entertain the guests through the evening. Thoughtfully, arrangements had also been made by the hosts, particularly for those who partied hard, to hire chauffeur-driven cars and escape the breathe-analyzers and more importantly, to arrive home safely.
An enjoyable fun-filled evening thus unfolded at the RWITC lawns and the inauguration of the new AC Hanger has certainly set off a ‘cool’ trend witnessed by a large, elite gathering!

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