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Stewards reserve judgement in two cases - By Shailendra Awasthi I TNN

Posted on - 24 Aug 2011

Stewards reserve judgement in two cases
Shailendra Awasthi TNN 

Mumbai: The inquiry concerning two of the three trainers in the high profile boldenone case was completed at a stewards meeting held at the Mahalaxmi race course on Tuesday. Stewards, however, reserved the judgement till the next Tuesday when they will conduct hearing on third trainer Cooji Katrak. 

    “Since cases concerning all the three trainers Pesi Shroff, Sheraz Sunderji and Katrak are identical in nature, stewards thought it would be proper to complete inquiry concerning Katrak before announcing the judgement in these cases,” said Vivek Jain, chairman, Royal Western India Turf Club (RWITC) who presided over the meeting on Tuesday. 

    Stewards decline to accept the trainers’ demand to test the feed supplement at another lab instead of RWITC’s choice of UK based Horse Racing Forensic Laboratory (HFL). “We heard both of them in detail but stewards decided they will not allow testing to be done at any laboratory other than which are accredited as mentioned in medication rules of the club,” informed Jain. 

    “There is also no provision for feed supplement testing in the rules in the first place. Trainers were clearly informed that just to be fair to them the club was ready for testing with a condition that it will do so only if HFL could test the supplement which the trainers had accepted.” 
Habbu wants re-testing 

    Trainers Shyam Habbu whose three horses had tested positive for boldenone recently, informed stewards on Tuesday that he wants to go for confirmatory samples. 
D’Mellow case shut 

    Stewards also decline to reopen Robert D’Mellow case. “Our legal advisors told us that as per the rules it would be improper to reopen the case as there is no fresh evidence in the case and if the stewards were not informed about his Mysore punishment at the time of inquiry, it is not the fault of the trainer,” informed Jain. “Also there is a lot of ambiguity over whether the offences of other centres can be taken into consideration. Bangalore Turf Club doesn’t do so with regards to the RWITC. We will take up this issue with Turf Authority in future,” Jain added

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