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Letter to all Owners - WIRHOA

Posted on - 18 Feb 2011

All Owners
We would like to place before all owners that a request was made by the WITA to raise BTF due to the ever increasing rise in essential commodities like food grain etc.
It was presented to WIRHOA that due to rising prices, the labour in the stables were unable to make two ends meet and were in fact quite badly off.
The representatives of WITA also stated that the labour at the stables was leaving for greener pastures due to their low wages.
The WIRHOA committee met on 2nd February, 2011 and had a detailed discussion on the subject and arrived at an amount of Rs.450/- be given to them as against WITA’s demand of Rs.600/-per horse per month.
However it was decided that this amount would not a part of BTF but be given directly to the labour.
It was also decided that this ex gratia payment would automatically lapse on 31-12-2011.
The next day, on 3rd February, 2011 the WIRHOA committee called the representatives of WITA to brief them on the decision taken, WIRHOA was represented by Mr.Shiven Surendranath, Mr.Parvez Andhyarujina and Mr.Sudhir Ruia and WITA was represented by Mr.Ivor Fernandes, Mr.M P.Jodha and Mr.C.D.Katrak.
The delegates of WITA were of the view that their demand of Rs.600/-was fair and it should not be reduced, however the representatives of WIRHOA explained to the representatives of WITA that WIRHOA was increasing the amount according to the set procedure of 0.75 ratio which comes to Rs.450/-
After much deliberation it was decided to increase the figure to Rs.475/- p.m. as a round figure and considering the stress being felt by the labour.
Owners however will feel more than a fair share of relief from this payment in the form of savings from Octroi.
Owners would be glad to know that Octroi has now become “one time” and will not be charged to them every time their horses enter Pune. Owners were paying an amount of Rs.5000/- per horse per entry!!!
Further owners have also got relief from paying the “one time octori” for 2yr olds.
Previously it was the onus of owners to pay the Octroi of Rs.5000/- for horses they purchased privately and during the sales in Pune and this amount was being charged directly to their account.
After a representation of WIRHOA the club has agreed that this amount should be paid by the breeders.
A letter has been sent to the club not to charge this amount from owners even if there is some problem in recovering this money from breeders who may manage to somehow get their horses into Pune without paying Octroi. ( Stud.farms within the Pune Municipal limit will be exempt from this Octroi  and the Octroi for those horses will have to be paid by owners. In all probability Yerawada Stud Farm will be the only exception)
The savings from both the above will more than compensate for the extra Rs.475/- being paid per month by the owners.
The WIRHOA committee also discussed in its meetings on 2nd February and again 13th February 2011 further measures that need to be taken to bring relief to owners.
A representation to the committee of the club will be made shortly after getting all the facts and figures in place.
All members of WIRHOA are also welcome to visit the WIRHOA lounge which now has an extensive collection of International and Indian magazines and newspapers and complimentary juices.
Complimentary Internet services too will be available shortly.
Warm regards

Mr.Shiven Surendranath


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