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Trainer Damodaran D. Pillai No More

Posted on - 26 Jun 2015

Trainer Damodaran D. Pillai No More
Obituary by Mahendra Mallya
Veteran trainer Damodaran D Pillai, fondly called ‘Damu’ by his friends and fellow trainers at the RWIC, passed away on the afternoon of Thursday 25th June 2015.
Mr Pillay had undergone a cardiac-intervention some time back. On the morning of the 25th, he complained of uneasiness and was rushed to the hospital. However, a couple of hours later his conditioned worsened as he developed a moving clot and eventually breathed his last. 
Although Damu was never among the leading lights in his profession, he kept his stable going with occasional successes. His ability to discern the chances of the runners of the day had many race goers seeking his views.
Damu completed his apprenticeship under the tutelage of the late trainer Aziz Mahmoud whose earlier intern was trainer Imtiaz A. Sait. He was licensed as a Trainer in the early 80s and kept his scoreboard ticking despite not having the patronage of big owners of the time.   
Trainer Malesh Narredu, one of his closest friends grieved his loss, “Damu was a gem, always reliable and a pious man. He was a great believer of Sai Baba and would visit Shirdi frequently. Mr Magan Singh Jodha, Damu and I would always form a trio on the stand during track work at Pune. We had great times together and we shall miss him most. May his soul rest in peace,” said Malesh.  
Trainer Magan Singh Jodha said, “He was a warm person and a dear friend. Although he had just a few horses, he was one of the earliest on the morning track and watched the morning workouts intently.”  
A loyal husband and a doting father, Damu is survived by this wife and two daughters. His younger brother K Prasad was a jockey for several years before retiring.  
His last rites were performed at dusk yesterday in Pune.

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