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Quotes after the votes

Posted on - 18 Dec 2010

Quotes after the votes
We are not talking about RWITC elections here, but the picks for the Casino Royale Indian 2000 Guineas (Gr.1).
Mr Vivek Jain: This race will generate a lot of interest as it appears very open by the look of it. I feel Ocean And Beyond is the one who they all have to beat. Berlusconi comes as the main challenger.
Mr Z S Poonawalla: The Guineas day sure is a fine day to be at the race course. The race itself is interesting with a big line up. In my opinion, Richard Hughes is among the top riders in the world and is partnering one of the top contenders. That, to me, is as good a combination as any.  

Mr Berjis Desai: I am very optimistic about my horse, Macchupicchu. He won his last race and returned satisfactorily. He has as good a chance as anyone. Eloise is also in best of condition & is sure to make her presence felt.

Dr.Ram Shroff: A hard race to pick the winner. I feel Ocean And Beyond and Eloise could have a decisive edge over the others.

Mr Gautam Lala: I strongly feel Ocean And Beyond will give a good account of himself. He showed his class in the Pune Derby and looks the most likely candidate to pull this one off.
Mr Geoffrey Nagpal: It’s a beautiful race and winner picking couldn’t get tougher. I would rather enjoy the race than try and pick a favorite. I am looking forward to this race as it emphasizes the true thrill of racing.
Mr Byram Jeejeebhoy: Ocean And Beyond gets my top billing. Berlusconi and Macchupicchu should provide a thrilling fight.
Mr Haresh Mehta: A very open race with most of the contenders having a realistic chance. I shall stay clear and not even try to zero in on who would win it.
Mr Ashwin Mehta: This one will go ‘beyond  the ocean’. In depth I mean. It’s a big field and the chances of most run deep. They have both their plus and minus points. I foresee a real cracker of a race. My sights will be focused at the business end.
Mr Cooji Katrak: Richard has chosen Ocean And Beyond. I think that could turn out to be the right choice.
Mr Imtiaz Sait: I feel Ocean And Beyond has the best chance. I do hope my Starrer comes alive on the big occasion. Macchupicchu is one other horse to watch out for.
Mr Richard Hughes: I think Ocean And Beyond has great potential and he will certainly run a good race. The line up is tricky, but I think he has it in him to come good. 

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