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Theyre Away! The 2nd Virtual Derby takes off

Posted on - 29 Jan 2014

They're Away! The 2nd Virtual Derby takes off
The 2nd Virtual Derby, it's bigger than the biggest derby ever run. Last year there were nearly 250 horse running. And we had surprise winners for the 100th, 200th entries apart from the main winners, Mr Ram Bobs, Mr. Dhawal Damania and Mr. Raju Singh. This year we are expecting many more entries and a lot more action. 
Participating in this Derby is really easy. All you need to enter is a picture of a horse, any horse. It could be your child's rocking horse, the black stallion or any other horse you see and like. Just post this picture on the RWITC facebook page and the race has begun for you.
Now to make sure your horse wins the Grand Prize, the horse picture you posted has to get as many 'likes' as possible. The one with the most 'likes' wins. To get this likes you will have to whip your friends into action. And make sure none of them slow down or get slack. 
So post your picture and start sharing it with your friends. Keep doing this from the beginning of the race and carry on till the end. The competition is tough and the race long. And yes we expect a photo finish.

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